Since my little hiatus from Second Life a lot more mesh avatar parts and even full bodies have arrived on the market, I’m still trying to catch up with all that is available but the first I found was the Slink Physique, as shown by my latest release including the appliers. Thanks to an inquiry by a customer I have now also discovered the Omega Applier System which works for multiple mesh parts and bodies all in one applier!

Chances are more mesh parts will come and go in the coming months but along with Lolas Tango mesh breasts these are the ones I am currently planning to support. The Omega system seems to be very versatile and they seem to be on top of adding kits for new products as they appear wherever possible, from my own point of view this applier system covers the largest amount with the least hassle for me and gives customers the option to use their ::Chez::Kitten:: products on a variety of different meshes.

So to that end I have started to work on updating as many products as possible with appliers, some items may not be suitable but I shall do all those that are. First up is the Wet Look Bikini, next will be Celeste as it just needs the Omega appliers added.


Purchases made after the switch to Caspervend in April last year will be eligible for redelivery via the terminal in store (also works on any Caspervend redelivery terminal in world btw), this is only possible for copy versions and marketplace purchases. If you gifted somebody from the marketplace or a copy version in store the recipient can also get a redelivery from a terminal, this option is not available for transfer copies.