Last summer after finishing the last round of sleepwear updates I had planned to move on to the lingerie, starting with Hana and Alyssa, well I started but I never finished, mostly due to things going on in that other place called real life. Well my first life is sort of returning to normal now so hopefully I can get my head back into my second life once more.

Apparently before my hiatus I had done far more of Alyssa than I realised so here is the first lingerie update.


While I was away Slink did an update with the new Hourglass body and Omega support for their products. This changes my future plans somewhat for the remaining items which will just have Omega appliers added. They may still have Tango ones if I feel they need them but as all these products are older items the appliers are more of a courtesy for customers so they can use them with their mesh bodies, and as the vast majority are now Omega compatible it will mean faster updates on my end if I only need to do one applier per product.

Future new products may or may not come with specific brand appliers depending on what works best for that item.