Bed Socks

My first mesh release, these soft slouchy bed socks come in 10 different colours with 3 patterns, plain, spotty and striped.

They are rigged and cannot be resized at this time (hopefully the deformer project will change that) so I have included three sizes that should cover most shapes, but be sure to try out the free demo version before buying.


L$75 per colour (includes all three patterns) or L$500 for the fatpack

To see the other colours visit the sleepwear gallery

Available at the store and on the marketplace.

New Gift Vendor

Since I opened ::Chez::Kitten:: I have always included both copy and transfer versions of everything, underwear is often an item bought as a gift and some people just prefer transferable items so I like to offer both.

Up till now I have done this via small gift box vendors on each main vendor in the store, thus doubling my prim count, well needless to say I was getting low on prims.

So I can still offer both versions but halve my prim count I have set up a gift vendor, this will give you the gift boxed item just as the previous vendor boxes did. That way it works for gifts and for those who just want a transfer copy for themselves.

You can find the new vendor downstairs by the staircase.