Store Updates ~ New Vendor System

Over the years Second Life has had a bad habit of just losing things, it has always been my store policy that if it lost an item of clothing from the database I would replace it, recently it lost a top from the blue Lily sleepwear, it also decided to lose some of the new Charme set in blue that I had just finished making but hadn’t yet released thankfully.

I fixed the Lily product, sent a new copy to the person who had alerted me and replaced it in the store and on the marketplace, but it is a product that has been on sale for some time and I had no easy way to send the fixed version to all the previous buyers, this prompted me to look into a vendor system, a way I could keep better track of sales and also do a mass redelivery if this happens again.

The entire store has now been changed over to the Caspervend system, everything is still available in mod/copy or mod/transfer versions as before but now you can send a copy version as a gift as well as the transfer versions. There is also the option for redelivery of copy versions and I have added gift cards to the store.

If anybody does find they have a faulty copy of Lily in blue please contact me, with transaction details if possible, and I will send you a replacement.

Group Gift ~ Caitlyn

A new group gift is available at the store, Caitlyn is a white satin and lace bra and knickers set and comes on all layers.


New Release ~ Charme

The full colour pack for Charme is now released, as previously mentioned each single colour is L$150 and the fatpack is L$600.


Available in both copy and transfer versions at the store. Or from the marketplace (copy version only).