Cassie is a corset, knickers and garter set available in six colours. It comes on multiple layers including tattoo layers and also has the corset and knickers without the garter attached.


L$150 a set or L$600 for the fatpack.

mod/copy/no transfer but transfer versions are available in the store or you can send as a gift from the marketplace.

For more pictures please see the Lingerie gallery.

Available at the store and on the marketplace.


Quick note about Direct Delivery

Like a lot of other merchants I have been unable to use the new Direct Delivery function on the marketplace. In my case I have never once got the merchant outbox working, it keeps telling me to make a store.

At present the migration date has been pushed back to August, hopefully they will get it sorted before then.

Regardless of that when I do eventually go over to Direct Delivery I shall be providing a backup box in the delivery folder as well. Chances are it will never be needed but you just don’t know when SL might decide to ‘lose’ something.

Link to the Jira about the Merchant Outbox failures.