I’m still in the process of adding appliers to older products where possible, currently working on the swimwear and this week have updated both the Ione bikini and the Swimsuits.

Both now have appliers for Slink & Omega that work on clothing, underwear and tattoo layers and also an applier for Lolas Tango top and bra.



Charme has also undergone an applier overhaul, each applier now has multiple layer options and I also added a Belleza applier. One thing I have noticed while testing appliers is every mesh body has its little differences despite all being basically mapped the same as the SL body and currently the Belleza has one shoulder that has a small mismatch where the front joins the back. On some items it isn’t noticeable depending where the straps lie but on Charme it was. Fixing it was simple enough but required it having its own applier for the altered texture.

Before Charme applied just to the underwear layers and the entire lower half at once, now it applies to clothing, underwear and tattoo layers in the following combinations.

  • Corset upper and lower
  • Knickers
  • Knickers plus corset lower
  • Knickers, corset lower and stockings
  • Stockings (with and without clasp)

Redelivery of previous purchases available in store or at any Caspervend redelivery terminal in world (copy and marketplace purchases only).


Transfer Copies

When I first started ::Chez::Kitten:: I took the decision to offer both copy and transfer versions of everything, at that time it was the easiest way to enable gifting but that has now become somewhat obsolete, most purchases in store have generally been copy versions and a lot of customers send gifts via the marketplace, since the change to Caspervend gifting became available direct from the copy vendor and it has the added bonus of being eligible for redelivery, while transfer is not.

With the recent updates I have been doing I came to the decision that transfer versions really were no longer viable, for one thing they double my work as I have to make two copies of everything, and the customer/gift recipient cannot get a redelivery of the updated versions.

So with that in mind I will no longer be offering transfer versions in store.