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Product Update ~ Charme Again!

So having just done an update to Charme I find myself doing yet another one!

Belleza just released an update to the Venus body, adding in two new models Freya and Isis, so I popped over and got myself the new demo plus the updated dev kit, the previous kit came with a test body for skins which I had used to test my Charme appliers on, the new kit had the skin test model but also one for clothing, so knowing that they had tweaked the uv mapping I thought I’d check out my Charme applier and see how that shoulder issue looked, but the applier didn’t work 🙁

On checking the rest of the kit it seems they updated the scripting, I must say I do like the way it works now, instead of a button for every layer one button gives a menu that asks which layer you wish to apply to. And even better they fixed the shoulder mapping meaning it now lines up with the SL UV, of course now my previous ‘fix’ is no longer necessary for this version and in fact will make it misaligned instead.

Omega already updated their Belleza kit but I decided to update Charme with the new appliers anyway, as I cannot be certain if the old ones will work on the body or not, just because they didn’t work on the test model doesn’t mean they wont work on the body itself, I find it highly unlikely that they would not make the body backwards compatible with the older applier system.

The new fatpack applier:

Belleza Applier

Hopefully this will be the last update to this product, but as before redelivery is available in store if you would like the V3 appliers.

Uma twins and looking good for free.

A long time back my partner made two alts after seeing the surnames Furman and Furmann, so naturally he called them both Uma, these two charming ladies are now modelling some of our products for us in the store.

It had been some time since they last logged in and they had very little in their inventory, so I took them both shopping, first stop was the Fab Free headquarters where I found some very nice free skin remarkably called Uma 😯 I particularly like the dark skin in this set, makes Uma Furmann look very exotic.

I also found some nice free eyes by KMADD at Fab Free the same people who made Kitten’s eyes. Next up was a trip to Zero Style, the makers of Kitten’s bob style hair which I just love, they have a very nice freebie hair called *You* that comes in multiple colours, so now each Uma was kitted out and looking gorgeous for free!


The Uma’s will be logged in using METAbolt so wont be particularly responsive, but the aim is to give people a chance to see the products as images can only show so much.