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Group Gift ~ Pumpkin

A new group gift is now available in the store. Pumpkin includes both classic layers and an Omega applier.

Located on the table in the entrance, for in world group members and subscribers.

New Group Gift ~ Noelle

A little festive sleepwear set for Christmas.


Find it on the table just inside the entrance, for in world group and subscribers.


New Release, Group Gift and Store Updates

Store Updates ~ New Vendor System

Over the years Second Life has had a bad habit of just losing things, it has always been my store policy that if it lost an item of clothing from the database I would replace it, recently it lost a top from the blue Lily sleepwear, it also decided to lose some of the new Charme set in blue that I had just finished making but hadn’t yet released thankfully.

I fixed the Lily product, sent a new copy to the person who had alerted me and replaced it in the store and on the marketplace, but it is a product that has been on sale for some time and I had no easy way to send the fixed version to all the previous buyers, this prompted me to look into a vendor system, a way I could keep better track of sales and also do a mass redelivery if this happens again.

The entire store has now been changed over to the Caspervend system, everything is still available in mod/copy or mod/transfer versions as before but now you can send a copy version as a gift as well as the transfer versions. There is also the option for redelivery of copy versions and I have added gift cards to the store.

If anybody does find they have a faulty copy of Lily in blue please contact me, with transaction details if possible, and I will send you a replacement.

Group Gift ~ Caitlyn

A new group gift is available at the store, Caitlyn is a white satin and lace bra and knickers set and comes on all layers.


New Release ~ Charme

The full colour pack for Charme is now released, as previously mentioned each single colour is L$150 and the fatpack is L$600.


Available in both copy and transfer versions at the store. Or from the marketplace (copy version only).

Easter Special ~ Bunny

Just a little something for easter,  bunny consists of a short nightshirt with colourful floral design plus a yellow gingham thong, and a pair of cute colourful sculpted bunny slippers. The slippers are mod but also have a resizer for those who prefer one.


This item is free to update group members or L$25 to buy.

Available only at the main store.

Store refurb, new release and group gift!

::Chez::Kitten:: has had a makeover!

When I first bought the land at Hookton I liked the outlook but the land itself was very sloping and couldn’t be flattened very easily hence the three tier building, which for a time was okay but not a lot of space for products, so I made the decision to move the store up to 1500 meters.

The landing point has been changed so all the old landmarks will still work. And I’ve added a new product and a new group gift, good as both underwear or just a strappy vest top.

New Release ~ Coralie

Coralie is a vest and knickers set available in eight different colours, the vest top comes in plain and patterned.

Pictures of the other colours can be seen in the lingerie gallery.



Single colour L$100, fatpack L$600.

Available at the store and on the marketplace.

Group Gift ~ Juliette

Exclusive for ::Chez::Kitten:: Update group members is Juliette, a variation on Coralie in a polka dot pattern.

Group gifts are now located to the left of the landing point.


The hair shown in these pics is one I got at this years hair fair called Pix and was made by Magicka. It’s got a chewable strand that turns on and off but my boyfriend misheard me and thought I said gerbil, so ever since it has been known as my gerbil hair 😛

Group Gift ~ April

There’s a new gift available at the store for ::Chez::Kitten:: Update group members.

Just wear you group tag and touch the sign to receive it.


::Chez::Kitten:: is a brand new store selling lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear located in Hookton on Second Life’s mainland.

Below is a taste of what we currently have on offer. Images of all the other colour options can be seen by clicking the links in the menu.


Lingerie Range




Swimwear Examples

This is just a couple of the items we have for sale.



Sleepwear Range


Prize Gift

There is also a lucky chair and a slider game at the store where you can have the chance of winning a bikini in one of six different colours.


Group Gift

Join the ::Chez::Kitten:: update group at the store and you can get these stud earrings free.