New Releases ~ Lingerie & Swimwear

Two new releases today, first up is the full colour pack of Sharni. It comes in six shades minus the exclusive Valentine colour, which is still available until the end of the month.

Each colour costs L$150 or L$600 for the fatpack.

Next is Marea an asymmetrical swimsuit with a geometric print design, it comes with two versions white & black and black & white.

Costs L$75

Both new releases are available at the store. Or from the marketplace.

You might notice that most promo images I take now use the Maitreya Lara mesh body, the more I wear it the harder it is to go back to the lumpy old SL avatar.

Valentine Dollarbie ~ Sharni

This years valentines dollarbie is an exclusive colour to an upcoming product, this cardinal pink version of Sharni is only going to be available for a limited time.

Available at the store. Or from the marketplace until the end of February.


New Group Gift ~ Noelle

A little festive sleepwear set for Christmas.


Find it on the table just inside the entrance, for in world group and subscribers.


New Release ~ Paige Lingerie

New lingerie, Paige is a satin and lace set for classic avatars and Omega.

Costs L$150 each or L$600 for the fatpack

More images are in the Lingerie gallery.

Available at the store. Or from the marketplace.

Product Update ~ Cassie

Cassie has been updated with omega appliers.

The applier has corset with garter, full lower (includes feet), and just the corset and knickers as options.

Redelivery is available in the store for purchases post April 2013.

New Look Store, New Products & New Gift!

The store has undergone a revamp, with the help of my mesh modelling first and second life partner, very handy sometimes being able to say “Can you make me this?” and then he does! If only he made mesh clothes too.

There is a new group gift in the entrance area, two bikinis for classic avatars and appliers for Omega, Slink, Belleza and Maitreya. Wear your group tag, touch the bag on the table and choose deliver to recieve them.


I have also added a Subscribe-o-matic for those of you with limited group slots, the gift gets sent automatically when you subscribe.

This years Valentines Dollarbie is also on the table but only for a limited time, it will be going on the 14th so if you missed it before now is your chance to grab it.

New Release ~ Mesh Pyjamas

I have recently been teaching myself to make vectors and I made some cute animals that I felt just needed to be on pyjamas so here they are.




These are a one piece rigged mesh item in sizes, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Each one costs L$150 and there is a free demo available.

Please always try demos before purchase, even among the so called standard sizes things vary between them all, some shape adjustment may be necessary for a perfect fit.

Available at the store. Or from the marketplace.

Product Updates ~ Chloe, Coralie & Butterfly

Three more Omega updates.







I have retired the individual colours of Coralie and Butterfly from sale and reduced the fatpack price to L$150 the same as other lingerie. But you can still get a redelivery of single colours with the omega applier included.

Product Updates ~ Hana & Kittie

Both Hana & Kittie now have Omega appliers added.




As usual redelivery is available in the store for purchases post April 2013.

Valentine Dollarbie ~ Carmine

Once more Valentines Day approaches and as in previous years I have another Dollarbie offering for you.

Carmine is a red satin and sheer black lace bra and knickers set with a heart motif.


Available at the store. Or from the marketplace. Not sure how long I will leave it up this year, definitely until the end of February at the very least.

Product Update ~ Alyssa

Last summer after finishing the last round of sleepwear updates I had planned to move on to the lingerie, starting with Hana and Alyssa, well I started but I never finished, mostly due to things going on in that other place called real life. Well my first life is sort of returning to normal now so hopefully I can get my head back into my second life once more.

Apparently before my hiatus I had done far more of Alyssa than I realised so here is the first lingerie update.


While I was away Slink did an update with the new Hourglass body and Omega support for their products. This changes my future plans somewhat for the remaining items which will just have Omega appliers added. They may still have Tango ones if I feel they need them but as all these products are older items the appliers are more of a courtesy for customers so they can use them with their mesh bodies, and as the vast majority are now Omega compatible it will mean faster updates on my end if I only need to do one applier per product.

Future new products may or may not come with specific brand appliers depending on what works best for that item.